What is Hushville?

What is Hushville?

Hushville is a Burning Man village that is open to anyone who wants to camp with us, provided they abide by three simple rules:

  1. No generators of any kind, of any size, at any time.
  2. No amplified sound.
  3. Leave No Trace! No trace of your presence or the presence of Hushville.

Who Camps With Hushville?

The village has a diverse population. Some people have been coming to Burning Man since the 1990s; for others, it’s their first year. Hushville also hosts a number of theme camps.

Where is Hushville this year?

We won’t know until we get notice from the Burning Man org, approx. July 1st. Last year, as in several prior years, we were here…………

Hushville is located on between Eulogy and Genuflect between 5:00 and 5:30.

In 2017, Hushville was locatedĀ  between Eulogy and Genuflect between 5:00 and 5:30. Click here for a map of the village.

I hear you have a Yahoo! group?

We do! Joining the Yahoo! group is the first step to becoming a member of the Hushville village. Click here to visit the Hushville Yahoo! group.

How do I register for Hushville?

First, join the Yahoo! group above. Don’t worry, we’ll wait patiently for you!

Registration for Burning Man 2018 will begin in July 2018. You can find more information on how to register here.

What are the dates for this thing, again?

Burning Man runs August 26-September 3, 2018.