How to Join, Arrival Info and Other FAQs

Here’s all the nitty-gritty details on Hushville that will make your life much easier once you get to the playa. There’s a LOT of information here, so please read through everything at least once!

Can I have a map of Hushville for 2017?

Say the magic word!


No, the other magic word!

Can I have a map of Hushville for 2017, please?

Since you asked so nicely….

Hushville village map 2017

Where will Hushville be located?

In 2017 Hushville will be located at Eulogy & 5:15.

What is Hushville?

Hushville is a village within Black Rock City built around three simple rules: no amplified sound, no generators, and a commitment to Leave No Trace.

(Please note that Hushville is a village, not a camp. A village is a large collection of camps.)

How do I join Hushville?

Becoming a part of Hushville is a simple two-step process.

  1. You are strongly, strongly, strongly advised to join the Yahoo email group so you can be kept up-to-date on Hushville news year ’round. This is typically the only place where we announce important information, so you don’t want to miss out. Click here for more information.
  2. Now that you’re all joined up, keep an eye on the Yahoo! email group for an announcement about registration for 2018.

How do I handle Hushville Arrival in 2017?

Do I need to join a theme camp?

You can attend Burning Man without being part of a theme camp, and we welcome campers whether or not they’re part of a theme camp. There are several theme camps within Hushville, and if they interest you you’re welcome to drop them a line and find out what’s up.

Can I have a theme camp camp within Hushville? If so, does it have to adhere to a specific concept?

We would like Hushville to be packed with theme camps! There’s no specific theme required; we just ask that you comply with Hushville’s rules while you’re within the boundaries of Hushville. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Can I reserve a certain spot within Hushville?

In general, Hushville is first-come, first-served. The only camps that have specific placements within Hushville are theme camps designed to interact with the rest of Black Rock City.

If you want an interactive theme camp along the perimeter, please email to info-at-hushville-dot-com and describe what you’re planning. Our Minister of Perimeter will then work with you to find the best spot.

If you don’t have an interactive theme camp but have your heart set on a particular spot within Hushville, it’s best to arrive early. Don’t fret if you’re arriving later in the week, however – we’re good at making room!

Will there still be room for me if I arrive on [09/0x/201x]?

The Hushville placement team has done a great job of fitting people in throughout the week every year. If you’re showing up on Thursday and looking for enough space for your touch-football field and regulation bocce court, that might be a challenge – but if your needs are reasonable, we can work with you.

Even if it looks crowded from the outside, if you’re registered to camp in Hushville swing by the village gate and ask if there’s space available. Our placement people are wizards at fitting people into tight spaces.

What do you call someone in Hushville?

The official name for a resident is Hushvillain. Note that that’s Hushvillain, not Hushvillian. There’s a big difference. Some of us renegades use the term “Hushvillero.” It’s got a nice Sam Peckinpah flavor.

How did Hushville start?

The idea for Hushville came after some of us had a rather unpleasant time at Burning Man 2000, where we were under nonstop sonic bombardment from five directions for the entire week. After returning home, we discussed how nice it would be to have a place a tad bit quieter, and well, that was that. Hushville debuted in 2001 and is now one of the largest villages in the city. It attracts a diverse group of people of all ages, many nationalities and ethnicities, and a wide range of interests. It also acts as a theme camp incubator; a number of independent Burning Man theme camps had their start in Hushville.

Where in the default world is Hushville based?

With the Hushville Flounders scattered over several states, we don’t consider Hushville to be based out of any specific geographic location. We’re proud to have folks from all over the world join us every year.

What’s a Flounder?

The Hushville Flounders are the core group of people responsible for making the village happen each year. We submit the Placement Questionnaire and work with the Burning Man placement team to secure a chunk of land that will hopefully be large enough for everyone. We’ve been doing this every year since 2001 so we kind of have the process down.

I have a great idea for something that should be done in Hushville.

Wonderful… do it! We just set up the infrastructure… all the cool stuff comes from those of you who camp in it!

Will there be a community kitchen / shower / evap pond?

No, all camps within Hushville operate autonomously. Just as though you were in open camping, you are responsible for all aspects of your own experience. Likewise, there is no community shower or grey-water evaporation system. It’s all up to you, folks.

Just how quiet do we have to be? Can I play my drum?

People camp in Hushville because they want some peace and quiet. Will your activity (singing, yelling, drumming, chanting, blacksmithing, whatever) be at odds with this? If so, Hushville’s not the best spot – but there’s a whole wide playa out there where you can do it. We don’t expect people to sit around in muted silence (ain’t no party like a Hushville party!), but just keep in mind why it’s called Hushville.

How about a radio or boombox?

Technically, these come under the category of amplified sound, but we understand the importance of listening to BMIR especially during weather events. The single most important thing is that the sound not extend beyond your own camp.

I know the rules say “no amplified sound within Hushville,” but can I hold my fabulous “Twenty-Four Hours of Tuba” celebration one foot from Hushville’s boundaries?

While that would technically be in compliance with Hushville’s rules, it’s not really in swing with the spirit of the village.

What’s to stop someone from setting up a giant sound system right across the street from Hushville?

Technically nothing, provided they’re not violating the official sound policy. We have worked with the Rangers in the past when this issue has come up and have come to a satisfactory arrangement.

Is it OK if I bring an RV?

Sure, as long as you don’t plan to use the generator. You may find a few tent campers choose to use you as a wind break.

Can I run my car engine from time-to-time to charge my laptop/camera/whatever?

Nope! An idling car engine is a generator. It makes noise, creates exhaust and is not allowed in the village.

But I really need air conditioning during the hot part of the day.

Have you considered volunteering in ice sales at Arctica? It’s the coldest place on the playa, and you’ll be doing a good deed.

How do I help out around Hushville?

That’s the best question you could have asked! Our needs change from year to year. Keep an eye on the Yahoo! mailing list to learn about projects, get-togethers and volunteer opportunities within Hushville.

Will there be someone responsible for clean-up?

Yes… you! Hushvillains are 110% committed to thoroughly cleaning our individual camps, the village area, and picking up MOOP as we travel about the playa. It’s important to us to be “green” on the annual MOOP Map.

If I camp in Hushville, will I have to do anything special?

The only thing you’re required to do is abide by our three rules. However, many Hushvillains take an active role in welcoming newcomers and verifying that they’re aware of where they’re camping; it’s never any fun for us or them when Patty’s Primal Scream Therapy camp accidentally sets up in Hushville at 4am.

Does camping in Hushville qualify me for early arrival into BRC?

No. If you arrive before the official start time the gate will turn you away.

When is Burning Man? What is Burning Man? How do I get tickets? How do I drive there from Piedmont? What should I bring?

All those questions and more can be answered by the official Burning Man site!

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