Hushville’s Three Rules

Hushville’s rules are simple, but there’s always edge cases. In the interest of clarification, we’ve expanded on the rules below.

Rule One: No Generators

The first rule of Hushville is that no generators (including those in RVs) can be operated in the village at any time. It does not matter how small it is or that you just need it for 15 minutes a day to run a blender. An idling car engine counts as a generator and is therefore a no-no. No generators at any time.

Rule Two: No Amplified Sound

There is no amplified sound in Hushville at any time of day or night. If the sound comes out of a speaker, it is amplified. Your fellow Hushvillains will be happier if the sound is outside of Hushville and the sound will probably be happier too! That said, there are a couple things to consider:

  1. Radios/boomboxes are OK if they can only be heard within your own camp. Take 10 seconds to walk over to your neighbor’s camp. If you can hear it from their camp, it’s too loud.
  2. While drums, banjos, horns and other musical instruments don’t have a speaker, they still qualify as amplified sound and don’t fit with the Hushville vibe. But there’s plenty of places outside Hushville to play them in Black Rock City – you may even find a jam session elsewhere!
  3. The rule is in effect 24/7.

We know you’re smart and can probably find a million loopholes in which you would be technically right that you were not violating Hushville’s amplified sound rule, but your fellow Hushvillains will appreciate it if you comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the rule.

Rule Three: Leave No Trace

The Burning Man organization’s website and other materials cover the concept of Leave No Trace in full detail.

Hushville does not have a clean-up committee. There is no one waiting to swoop in after you leave to pick up your sunflower seed shells and bits of Astroturf. Make a plan for how to clean up your campsite before you leave. When you break camp, there should be absolutely no evidence that you were ever there.

The better you are at cleaning your campsite, the more likely Hushville is to return year after year. Look how fabulously green we were in 2015! Over the years, Hushville has developed a sterling reputation of leaving an exceptionally clean site – the entire site, every year. Keep it clean and we all benefit!